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All American
Veggie & Herb Kit

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Quick Overview

This collection includes 25 all-time, easy-to-grow vegetable and herb favorites, complete planting instructions, and two greenhouses with soil for starting the seeds indoors. What is better than fresh garden vegetables at the dinner table or for your children’s snack? This summer, save hundreds of dollars on groceries and enjoy the fun of gardening with your family – they will surely enjoy the tasty treats that await!

Product Details

Light Requirements Full Sun, Mostly Sunny
Planting Time Cool Season, Warm Season
In the Kitchen Baking, Canning, Drying, Freezing, Grilling, Pickling, Roasting, Salads, Steaming, Stir Fry
Ships As Seed

Full Description

The All American Garden Kit comes with everything you need to start your own vegetable garden, including:

25 Favorite Vegetable and Herb packets - Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Kentucky Wonder Beans, Roma Tomato, California Wonder Peppers, Green Sprouting Broccoli, Beefsteak Tomato, Black Zucchini, Bloomsdale Spinach, Black Beauty Eggplant, White Bunching Onions, Detroit Dark Red Beets, Flat Dutch Cabbage, Cherry Belle Radish, Tendergreen Bush Beans, Marketmore Cucumber, Mesclun Mix, Sweet Basil, Italian Oregano, Cilantro, Dark Italian Parsley, Romaine Lettuce, Salad Bowl Lettuce, and Sugar Snap Peas.*
2 Covered Seeds Starting Trays with soil for starting seeds indoors
Complete step-by-step instructions

For more information on starting vegetable seeds indoors and care, read our growing guides “How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors,” “Creating a Planting Calendar for Your Vegetable Garden,” and “Starting a Vegetable Garden: Secrets to Success.

* Contents may vary, depending on inventory. All kits will contain 25 different Vegetable or Herb packets.

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